Gas Process Equipment Company
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Well Test Equipment

We have manufactured a broad spectrum of Well Testing Heaters from 10,000 PSI 750,000 BTU Trailer Mounted to 15,000 PSI 2 Millions BTU with a crash frame.  Separators from 20" 2000 PSI Trailer Mounted GPM style Test.  We specialize in Sand Separators from 18" Diameter to 36" with operating pressures up to 10,000 PSI.

OUR COMMITMENT..... GPE is dedicated to meeting your specific requirements for production equipment.  Utmost priority will be given to your inquiries and we will continually strive to save you money, time and effort with our cutting edge design and technology.
With our expertise in process design, fabrication and in house I&E department our offering vary from simple mechanically operated units to fully automated packages.