Gas Process Equipment Company
11629B N. Houston Rosslyn Road
Houston, TX 77086
Tel: 281-656-8454

Oil & Gas Separators

  Gas Processing Equipment Company manufactures a broad range of two and three phase stock separators desingned for oil and gas production, as well as sand separators.  With our expertise in design, engineering, fabrication and in-house I&E department our offering vary from simple mechanically operated units to fully automated packages.  We have the ability to fully satisfy your custom requirements.

Separators are manufactured in two and three phase models in either vertical or horizontal configurations with working pressures from 125 to 6000 psi and diameter from 12" to 15'.  All separators can be supplied as skidded or non skid mounted.  Gas Process Equipment Company accommodates your custom choice of controls, accessories and valves.
"ALL separators are designed and manufactured to the latest ASME Code."