Gas Process Equipment Company

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Houston, TX 77086
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Gas Process Equipment INC, The organization to bring your project on-line quickly and efficiently with quality equipment; both standard and custom designed.  OUR HISTORY...Fifty years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry.  We have continually grown and built a worldwide reputation designing and manufacturing quality engineered.  OUR FUTURE...Gas Process Equipment company has entered new era of growth and the desire to excel.  As we continue to experience a boom in our growth, our intent is to continue developing more efficient and innovative products.  The forward looking commitment is necessary in order to help our customers gain the competitive edge needed in today's business world.

We have manufactured a Sand Separators, Test Separators, Line Heaters, Gas Dehydration, Gas Scrubbers, Metering Equipment, Receivers & Launchers, Coalescing & Filter Separators, Slug Catchers etc...

Separators are manufactured in two and three phase models in either vertical or horizontal configurations with working pressures from 125 to 6000 psi and diameter from 12" to 15'.  All separators can be supplied as skidded or non skid mounted.  Gas Process Equipment Company accommodates your custom choice of controls, accessories and valves.
  "ALL separators are designed and manufactured to the latest ASME Code."