Gas Process Equipment Company

         The Energy Behind 
           Dynamic Production

                       11629B N. Houston Rosslyn Road
                       Houston, Texas 77086
                       Tel: 281-656-8454


Gas Process Equipment INC, The organization to bring your project on-line quickly and efficiently with quality equipment; both standard and custom designed.  OUR HISTORY...Fifty years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry.  We have continually grown and built a worldwide reputation designing and manufacturing quality products.  OUR FUTURE...Gas Process Equipment company has entered new era of growth and the desire to excel.  As we continue to experience a boom in our growth, our intent is to continue developing more efficient and innovative products.  The forward looking commitment is necessary in order to help our customers gain the competitive edge needed in today's business world.

GPE manufactures a broad range of two, three and four phase separators designed both testing and production, as well as sand separators.  With our expertise in design, fabrication and in-house I&E department our offering vary from simple mechanically operated units to fully automated packages.  We have the ability to fully satisfy your custom requirements.
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